Construction Cleanup Services

There is a critical step in the construction process between the driving in the final nail and moving in the first building tenants: cleanup. This is where CBS Janitorial comes in, and it’s where we really shine as partners to construction companies, property managers, and building owners.

Our construction cleanup services promise rapid removal of dirt, dust, and debris to make buildings move-in ready as quickly as possible after construction wraps. But just because we work fast doesn’t mean that we cut corners or ignore the little details; our expert cleaning crews pay attention to the finer details such as trims, ledges, baseboards, light fixtures, and any other “nooks and crannies” where dust and debris may hide after a construction project. Our attention to detail and superior cleaning services provide our customers with peace of mind that their buildings are ready to open as soon as we leave.

CBS Janitorial provides a variety of construction cleanup services, including:

  • Pre-Construction Cleaning – We provide “rough cleaning” in preparation for incoming construction crews, such as removing debris, cleaning windows, sweeping floors, and mopping surfaces to remove as much dirt and dust as possible.
  • Post-Construction Cleaning – Final cleaning is done at the end of the construction process, typically before final walkthrough. As part of our comprehensive post-construction cleaning services, we provide fine detail cleaning of call vertical and horizontal surfaces from top to bottom, including detail vacuuming and sweeping/mopping.
  • Touch-Up Cleaning – When circumstances call for tradesmen, artisans, craftsmen, and others to work on a building that is already occupied and open for business, CBS Janitorial can come in and provide touch-up cleaning to any areas left dirty by workers so guests, employees, and residents never have an eyesore to look at.

CBS Janitorial has 20+ years of experience in the building maintenance and cleaning industry. We never outsource or subcontract any part of the job, so you can rest assured that only the most experienced, reliable, and capable cleaning crews will arrive to your building. And because we have extensive experience with construction cleanup project, we can work directly with your contractors or other service technicians to ensure deadlines are met.  

Call or contact us online to receive a quote on construction cleaning. We provide cleaning services throughout Arizona, Southern California, and Las Vegas, NV. Our streamlined onboarding process can have you setup with a cleaning crew typically in 24 hours or less.